Terms of Service

 - I reserve the right to refuse a commission (reasons can range from inability to draw material / offensive content)

-NSFW is A-OK!

-Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!! (No selling products with the image, although printing it for a poster for yourself is okay)

-Above rule is exempt in regards to VTuber model commissions; they can be used for monetary streaming purposes, with credit in your twitch info of my twitter handle.

-I may post WIPs of the commission on my social media, and retain the rights to the image and may use it as a sample or for portfolio purposes (unless discussed otherwise)

-Limit is 3 revisions; do not ask for excessive changes to poses/outfits/expressions, or they may result in additional charges ($5 per change; this rule is exempt for Live2D models as they are bigger projects and may require many revisions, however please be responsible as well with your directions!)

-However, don't be afraid to ask for changes either. I want you to be satisfied with what you paid for!