-DM me on twitter, discord, or email me at for commission inquiries!

-Provide reference images and/or details of the character, pose, outfit, and other specifics you'd like for the commission

-I will give you a quote in USD. If you'd like to go through with the commission, I will send you an invoice via paypal.

-Once payment is received, I will begin working on the sketch and send you a WIP

-You may ask for changes or alterations at this point. I will not allow major changes after the final sketch.

Thank you so much for your interest and support! When you contact me, please provide:

-your twitter/social media username

-paypal email

-personal or commercial use

-details of commission

-reference images, if any

-I will keep you updated on the commission, and you may feel free to ask for updates as well. It may take me 1-4 weeks depending on my schedule!

-Once the commission is complete, I will send you the google drive link to the file!